Orlando Sanchez is once again the top Vote Getter in the November, 2014 elections

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Houston, TX – November 5, 2014: Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez was re-elected to a 3rd term in office on Tuesday, November 4. He defeated his Democratic opponent with the highest number of votes in a non-judicial county race contested by two major political parties, including Governor-elect Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick and U.S. Senator John Cornyn. (See chart below)

Cumulative Report 11/5/2014

Sanchez, who ran for Mayor of Houston in 2001, in an historic race that turned out more voters than any other race in Houston history – including an unprecedented 18% of Hispanic voter turnout, continues to receive strong support from voters.

“I’m proud and thankful to have the support of so many voters in our diverse community of Harris County! I’ll continue to work hard and to keep a watchful eye over our government’s spending and insure transparency on all issues,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, integrity and transparency. He has won several national transparency awards for his County Treasurer website and has reduced his budget since first taking office in 2007.

In office since 2007, Orlando Sanchez oversees Harris County’s multiple bank accounts, pays the county’s expenses and is an independent set of eyes in overseeing spending of county taxpayer dollars.

As Harris County Treasurer, Orlando has made your Harris County government more transparent. He wants you to know how your tax dollars are being spent, and not only has he been an advocate for fiscal responsibility in government, but he has run his own office with exemplary prudence and attention to the bottom line: he has managed the Office of Harris County Treasurer without increasing its cost to the taxpayers for seven years.

Read the press release.

Orlando Takes Action On Key Issues

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icon-trans-75Orlando Sanchez has made your Harris County government more transparent. As the elected official who oversees the payment of all expenditures made in the county, he wants you to know how your tax dollars are being spent. He has a created an award-winning website that allows anyone to see exactly what payments have been made—instantly. Under his leadership, Harris County has received major awards for the transparency of its financial data to taxpayers.

During his next term he will make that data even more transparent by adding a new feature that will make all payments searchable using different criteria—such as payee name, type of payment and more.

Credit Interest Swaps

icon-credit-swap-75Credit Interest Swaps (CIS) are agreements based on principle amounts that are supposed to help curb the risk associated with the cost of borrowing.

Municipalities and Counties all over the country used this financial tactic when issuing bonds with fluctuating interest rates and then entered into derivative contracts with banks to protect themselves against the rising cost of borrowing.

In 2008 the banking industry crisis led to a credit market turmoil that ultimately caused the cost of the derivative deals to rise and cost tax-payers across the country millions of dollars.

Currently, the Harris County Toll Road Authority is invested in Credit Interest Swaps (CIS) that are costing toll road users money through rate increases. Orlando Sanchez continues to fight for toll road users by looking for ways for the county to get the Toll Road Authority out of these agreements and thereby to save the county millions of dollars.

Fiscal Responsibility

icon-pig-75Since taking office in January of 2007, Orlando has kept his budget static while the budgets of other offices doing similar business have risen. In fact, according to public records, he has actually decreased the spending of his office by 1%. In Dallas County, the Treasurer’s Office has increased its spending by 4% in that same time; Jefferson County increased 61% and Williamson County 80%.

The City of Houston’s Office of the Controller, which performs similar functions for the City, increased spending by 32% between 2007 and 2014.

Office20072014% Inc/Dec
Harris County Treasurer1,115,8761,100,000-1.42%
Dallas County Treasurer1,116,5881,160,356+3.92%
Jefferson County Treasurer227,162364,587+60.50%
Williamson County Treasurer278,663502,630+80.37%
City of Houston Controller6,346,6758,397,862+32.32%


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